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We provide tutoring for students in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics up to GCSE level, and mathematics at A -level.

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Visit to the Whipple Museum in Cambridge

Working Science visited Cambridge to the Whipple Museum to see some early Newtonian telescopes made by William Herschel in around 1790, and some early electromagnets. We also had a quick look in the Radio Astronomy Department in Cambridge University, to learn about their work developing new antennas for radio astronomy.


Faraday Museum at the Royal Society in London

There are lots of examples of early electromagnets made by Michael Faraday in the Faraday Museum at the Royal Society in London. He was a pioneer in the field of electromagnetism. It must have taken months to wind these electromagnets. He discovered how to generate electricity by moving magnets near metal wires, and how to make electromagnets by coiling wires, examples of which can be seen in this museum. You can also see what his science laboratory looked like where he made his amazing discoveries. Its worth a visit if you are interested in electricity generation and electromagnets and other inventions from members of Royal Society.

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Science Club

If you are interested in having an Afterschool Science Club in your school. Ask your school to get in touch with us.

Each week we do practical science experiments covering different aspects of science, from electricity generation to making slime and perfumes.

There is no lower limit to the number of children but 15 is a good manageable number of children in each session.

Our Afterschool Science clubs run for 1 hour after school one day a week.

Our afterschool clubs in Newick Primary, Shipbourne Primary, Claremont Primary and Buxted Primary Schools have all been well attended and enjoyed by the children.